It was clear from the very beginning that the Southern belle Britni Leslie is a force to be reckoned with. With a Southern girl-next-door charm and a booming Broadway voice, there is something reminiscent of Kristin Chenoweth about her.- Theater Press


"Swishing her long blond locks and sparkling in a sleeveless pink taffeta prom dress, Leslie is the quintessential Disney princess.  However, Bourbon St to Broadway contains a deliciously incongruous twist. The pay-off being, Leslie has a naughty sense of humour, and continues to charm us even when dropping the occasional f-bomb."


"Leslie has a stunning vocal range, reminiscent of Megan Hilty, Kristen Chenoweth, and Australia’s own Lucy Durack."- Theater People


"A fine character study brilliantly performed. With the right contacts and a bit of luck, Britni could be a major star of the professional stage." Theater AU


"Britni Leslie was so exceptional in the role that I find it hard to believe that the Oscar winning Judy Holliday could have done any better. Britni’s whole body oozed sex as she fawned over her loved one, her subtle body movements and facial expressions were hilarious – such as when she tried to read with her longsighted vision." Gordon the Optom


"Britni Leslie as Hinsey’s love-interest Gladys, with all of her excellent singing, acting, and dancing talents on show. " Stage Whispers


"As Babe, Leslie nails the essential
character mix of being normal and not. She looks right, talks right, but
something in her life has gone horribly wrong. And her acceptance of her
consequences doesn’t make us feel any better." Orlando Weekly


"Leslie as Roxie grabs the spotlight for the next few number. She proves that she can sing, dance, act and deserves the leading role in this show." Jacks Theater